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Insanity Asylum – The 30 Day Workout

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30 Day WorkoutInsanity: The Asylum is a 30 day workout routine created by celebrity trainer Shaun T. Asylum is a follow up routine to the Insanity workout. The difference between the two programs is Insanity is all body weight training and The Asylum uses dumbbells, pull up bars, an agility ladder, and jump rope. Asylum is meant for somebody who is looking to take their Insanity results to another level or for a crash course in fitness.

Most workouts in this 30 day workout plan are 45 minutes long and move at a quick pace. You’ll be doing moving pushups through an agility ladder one second and then a minute of various jump roping moves. Shaun T will challenge you to find your fitness limits in the Insanity Asylum workout. People who finish this 30 day workout say it changed their body completely and introduced moves they never would have thought on their own.

You’ll start seeing results from this 30 day workout program very quickly. Shaun T developed the program in such a way that every move is a dynamic move. This means you’ll be working more than one major muscle group which saves on time and strengthens your body that much faster. This is not just some ab or leg routine. Its a full body fitness routine.

Insanity Asylum 30 Day Workouts

1. Athletic Performance Assessment – Fit test to see how you measure up.

2. Speed & Agility – How fast can you get through an agility ladder.

3. Vertical Plyo – I hope you like jumping rope.

4. Strength – Shaun T’s dumbbell routine works the upper & lower body.

5. Game Day & Overtime – Time to put all of your work to the test.

6. Back To Core – Strengthen the two areas of your body that work together.

The goal behind Insanity: The Asylum is to bring out your inner athlete. If you currently play a sport or are thinking about getting back into one then you need to give this 30 day workout routine a shot. Your heart will be pumping just trying to keep up. Shaun T even has to take a break or two when instructing. If you can keep up with Shaun T then your fitness is improving. Hitting the pause button to catch your breath is very typical during this 30 day workout.

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