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30 Day Core Workout

30 Day Core WorkoutAre you looking to get your core in shape in less than 30 days? That might be a lot to accomplish in a short period of time if you have a lot of weight to lose. If you are already in decent shape and just need that something extra to get your core area just a little bit more ripped or completely shredded then the Asylum workout is the way.

Anybody who has ever done the Asylum workout knows that many (if not all) of the exercises done are core related. Were not talking normal push ups and pull ups either. Shaun T gets you doing moving push ups through an agility ladder while touching your shoulder each time you move into the next box. And then there are those crunch chin ups. Picture holding yourself in a crunch position while hanging from a pull up bar and doing chin ups. If that’s not a core workout then I don’t know what is.

Lets not forget about using dumbbells either. Shaun T uses a dumbbell core progression sequence in the strength workout that will not only leave your core screaming but your shoulders and legs too. Those moves are hard enough without the weights but with them it makes it brutal. Picture a full body crunch for a couple of minutes with weights over your head.

Then there’s that agility ladder again. You’ll get quite familiar with it as its used in almost every Asylum workout. Besides all of those push ups you will also be doing a lot of quick movements with your feet and jumping. Shaun gets you doing those while adding an extra core moves to not only work the major muscle group in that move but also to challenge the core just a little more.

One of the great things about this 30 day workout is that it doesn’t have an ab specific workout. You know how most workouts you work on a specific muscle group for 45 minutes or so and then you have to do a 15 minute ab workout right after. Not with the Insanity Asylum. Its 30-50 minutes of all out craziness that works everything all at once. You’ll be working three to five different muscle groups in each workout. There is no need to spend an additional 15 minutes on just your core when you’re doing the Insanity Asylum workout.