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Find The Right 30 Day Workout For You

If we are being honest with each other we know that getting into shape quickly can be a monumental task. It takes a lot of time and commitment. Not only do you have to put in the time doing a workout but you also need to be very conscious of what you eat. For many people they can do one or the other and it’s why they do not see the results they want. And then trying to get it all done in less than a month can be too much too soon for many.

This is why I created 30 Day Workout. I’ve completed all of the 30 day workout programs listed on this site and complied my thoughts on each on this site. A couple of my requirements for my choosing of these workouts was that it came with a meal plan and was said to deliver the best results possible in 30 days.

I’ll go over how tough the workout was, what you can expect, how much it costs, and who would benefit from doing it. Of course we all can benefit from working out but I also want to let you know if it’s for beginners or people who are already in shape and just need something challenging for the next 30 days.┬áHere are a couple of those workouts for you to get started on.

30 Day WorkoutsLevelEquipmentPriceTrainerTimeCalendar
Insanity: Asylum Vol. 1
Insanity Asylum Workout
8 Advanced WorkoutsComes with Agility Ladder and Jump Rope.

You need Dumbbells or resistance bands and a Pull Up Bar.
$90Shaun T25 - 60 minute workoutsYes
Insanity: Asylum Vol. 2
Insanity Asylum Volume 2
8 Advanced WorkoutsAssumes you have Vol.1.

You need Dumbbells or resistance bands and Pull Up Bar.
$60Shaun T25 - 60 minute workoutsYes

Can Beginners Do These 30 Day Workouts?

Don’t be afraid of these advanced workouts. In each one of these you will be shown ways to modify each one of the moves so you can build up your strength and cardio to help you progress. If you have a lot of weight to lose then you will need to go slow and practice on good form as there is a good chance you will struggle through some of these advanced 30 day workouts.

The people who will benefit the most from these workouts are people who are already in shape or workout and are looking for something to get them to the next level. If you do not fall into this category and want a challenge then go for it anyways. Over the next 30 days you will experience soreness and sweat like you never have before but it will be worth it.

Are You Really Following The Plan?

If you’re not happy with the results you’ve earned from these 30 day workouts then ask yourself how you did with the meal plan and how much effort did you really put into it. You’d be surprised how much of your results come from following the meal plan versus just showing up and doing the workouts.

The good news is there really isn’t anything for you to figure out with these 30 day workouts. Open up the workout calendar and follow which ones it says to do on each day. Take an hour or two before you get started to get familiar with the meal plan and start planning out your meals for the week. Just like how the workouts are planned on a calendar for you it is also important to planned your meals.

Get To It

You’ve seen the options and taken a look at each of the 30 day workouts listed above. Its up to you to decide which one suits your needs best. I hope the chart helps in guiding you to the workout that helps you hit your goals. Each time a new 30 day workout comes out I will be sure to put myself through it and update it in the comparison chart above.